Mechanical precision machining


We have always focused on the quality and reliability of production and service

At the service of mechanics for over 40 years, Ameta Srl is a company based in Volpiano, in the province of Turin. It works nationally and internationally in the field of turning and precision mechanics mainly in the following sectors:

  • automotive sector
  • industrial sector
  • tyre sector
  • hydraulic sector

Thanks to its historical background in processing and materials, together with the continuous updating and use of modern and digital machinery, Ameta is able to offer exhaustively the best solutions required by the market, guaranteeing impeccable quality.

The high-level staff combines experience and technology following a standardised company procedure that complies with the parameters set by ISO 9001 certifications. Under the impulse of innovation and requests from different types of companies, especially in the automotive and industrial field, Ameta has transformed its Volpiano headquarters into an innovative and international hub dedicated to small and large production of components and small parts in STAINLESS STEEL and alloys of Aluminium, Brass, Steel and Ferrose. Finally, but among the most important points in the evolutionary process of Ameta Srl, strict compliance with the regulations for environmental protection and attention to the working environment.
In particular, for the latter, the company adopts innovative solutions (filters, ad hoc products, space management, etc.) aimed at improving the quality of work and the protection of the health and safety of its employees.

The evolution of automatic precision turning

With a firm foothold in their working tradition, but with an eye always on the future, on innovation, on modernity. Offering a product that respects its history and the environment, open to changes in times, technologies and the market. Seriousness, quality and punctuality make our company a safe bet!

Luigi Viano, CEO

Ameta Srl | lavorazioni di precisione meccaniche
Ameta Srl | lavorazioni meccaniche
Ameta srl | strumenti all'avanguardia
Ameta Srl | lavorazioni di precisione meccaniche
Ameta Srl | lavorazioni meccaniche
Ameta Srl | lavorazioni meccaniche
lavorazioni meccaniche