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Analysis of the Request

We spend time to understand customer requests, to optimize timing and quality of the final product



The manufacturing process takes place in a total autonomous manner with time plans satisfying every customer


Quality Check

During the processing, it takes place an important quality control process, in order to assure products are in compliance to customer requirements

Our machinery is composed by latest generation lathe machines CNC assuring excellent results both for quality than for reliability. Machines are subject to to constant maintenance in order to minimize eventual downtime.

Particular attention is dedicated to the phase of machine tooling using tools designed to provide high reliability processing in terms of tight tolerances and excellent finishes.

All machines we use are synonymous of highest productivity in processing from the bar with maximum diameter of 42 mm, and for medium and large lots.

Maximum stability and constant precision - highly dynamic motors on all axes for main time and downtime minimized.

In order to have a high efficiency in production time, components are loaded with autoloaders.

To give an answer to continuous increasing demand, always in a very short time, we use IEMCA loaders, which are famous for their great reduction of downtimes of the charger. A greater operating flexibility, a higher speed in bar change operations together with an extremely simple tooling change. The loader retains the typical mechanical strength that, in addition to ensure a high performance standard, maintains the value of the machine over time.

Bar change time is less than 30 seconds for 3m bars, further optimizable basing to the application.

From our production cycle, we have components for different types of industry, from automotive to hydraulics, all meeting customer and relevant industry requirements.

Automatic loader for bar diameters from 3 to 32 mm (Boss 332) is suitable for sliding-head lathes; 5 to 45 mm (Boss 545) and 5 to 51 mm (Boss 551) is ideal for fixed headstock lathes; length from 3200 to 4400 mm; configurable with the totality of the lathe machines existing in the market.

The percentage of our products destination



50% Complete (success)

30% Complete

15% Complete (info)

5% Complete (success)
Electrical appliances5%

55% Complete (success)
Stainless steel and Brass55%

45% Complete (success)
Aluminium and Iron 45%



Electrical appliances


Aluminium and Iron

Stainless steel and Brass

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