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Our continuous focusing on     quality of production and service

More than 40 years at the service of important companies in the Automotive, Tyre and Electromechanical industries


Ameta S.r.l. produces components related to automotive industry.


We produce from a simple stay-rod to complicated components, used in hydraulics and hydrodynamics industries.

Electrical appliances

Our components are supplied to various sectors such as electrical appliances ones.


We supply components for hydrodynamics industry such as handling and lifting bodies.

Steel and Brass

Engineering and processing of stainless, galvanized steel and brass components for different industries.

Aluminium and Iron

With our equipment is possible to process on iron and aluminium alloys.

A look to our production sector

La Ameta S.r.l. production includes a wide range of components customized from Customer design from different sectors

  Discover our production

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